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September 8, 2022


Jennifer Aniston Reveals the Women She'd Trade Hair With If She Could

Nicola Dall'asen, Allure

I think everybody would agree that Jennifer Aniston is a certified hair icon… well, everyone except for Jennifer Aniston. Despite being responsible for the decades-long "The Rachel" haircut craze (and having her ear talked off about it probably every day of her life since 1994), the actor still chuckles and says it's "so ironic" when I call her that over a Zoom call. Why? Her hair's inherent knack for misbehavior. "I could blow-dry and be sweating on a hot summer day and then go outside and it's like, what did I waste all that time for?" (For reference: Aniston's hair is naturally curly, she just doesn't wear it that way when she's working.)